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Lessons in Gratitude 2019

The day before Thanksgiving still proves to be a challenging day emotionally for me. At least I’ll have the comfort of therapy (both mental and physical) and baking the rest of the day to get through it. This post will be brief, but I think it’s important to emphasize gratitude, especially this time of year. This year was a challenge for me in MANY ways, but I’m also so grateful to be on the other side of my emotional tornado and am excited for the opportunities that lay ahead. And there’s lots to be grateful for. My son. My health. My husband. My family. My friends. My job. The basics, but sometimes the basics count for the most. I’m also grateful that I once again proved how fucking resilient I am. Re-learning one’s own strength is a powerful gift— watch out, 2020.

For the past couple of months (when I was in the throes of my anxiety, to be honest), I started keeping a gratitude journal. I didn’t write in it as often as I liked and sometimes it really felt like a fucking chore, but reorganizing your negative thoughts into more positive ones— even if they seem small, is a mighty tool. Maybe that’s what pulled me out of the worst of my anxiety attacks. Just recognizing that things aren’t as bleak as I imagined they were was extremely helpful.

I was fortunate enough to attend my monthly Mama’s Circle on Sunday (I haven’t been able to go since the summer) and our lovely leader asked us to think of an intention for the rest of the year. Instead of focusing on finishing this year with a bang, or already wrapping my head around the goals of next year, I am choosing to focus on living joyfully. For a Type-A Virgo, this sounds crazy. I even cringed slightly typing out the words, but I think after a year full of challenges and hard lessons, a little joy is exactly what I need.

The world is far from perfect. My own small bubble of it has many opportunities for improvement, but it is good. There is lots to be joyful and grateful about— there always is. I encourage you to find your joy this holiday season, as well, dear readers. Happy Thanksgiving!

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